Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fireplace [ Coral Stone

America's love affair with the fireplace has been an enduring one. From the open fire pits of the colonial settlers to the ornate fireplaces found in today's modern mansions, there is a dreamy quality to an evening in front of the flames that can't be fully explained by the warmth alone. Perhaps that's why, even in hot climates like Florida and Arizona, many homeowners insist on their installation.

A hearth can take any number of forms. Brick, marble, and concrete are popular choices, but what if you want a design that is as unique and alluring as it is beautiful? Coral stone fireplaces fulfill that very desire. While they make the perfect fit for a marine decor, the soft coloring and natural variations in texture make this material an elegant addition to any home.

The trait that makes coral stone great for pool decking is also what makes it right for fireplaces. Very few materials - natural or synthetic - have the heat-repellant characteristics found in these natural tiles. That keeps you from getting a hotfoot around the pool, and it keeps your roaring fire from making the hearth untouchably hot.

Thermal properties aside, homeowners prefer this rare stone because its natural beauty adds depth to the hearth design that so many fireplaces lack. Because this stone is subject to the elements before being mined, no two tiles are alike. If you want a look that literally no one else has, you couldn't ask for a better form of customization. The imperfections in the stone turn your hearth into more than just a decorative accent; the colors and textures add an artistic quality to any living room.

If you want to surround your fireplace with the magical beauty of coral stone, you've come to the right place. We do custom fireplaces that enhance the romance and majesty of your average hearth, creating a luxurious setting without the luxury price tag. With a short, six-week production time, you'll have your new fireplace only a short time after you order it. We ship to destinations around the world, and you'll get a diagram of the pieces for installation so you know exactly what to expect.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coral Stone Decks

Choosing the right decking material is an important first step for proper pool maintenance. These days, a new type of pool decking is earning a strong reputation in the United States. Quarried from limestone deposits throughout the world, coral stone is an outstanding choice for pool decking and all exterior flooring needs. Millions of years ago, this material founds its genesis under the ocean. Today, it is found in near the ocean quarries. This decking material is increasingly in demand throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and other U.S regions that deal with very high temperatures. Not only is coral stone slip-resistant, its stunning appearance brings the spirit of nature to any poolside.

While this material isn't yet familiar to the entire public, buzz is certainly growing about the Coral Stone USA installers increasingly use. This material doesn't retain heat the way many alternative materials do. Coral stone has a color that is neutral and muted, which keeps decking cool and comfortable. These natural tones attract the eye casually and without ostentation. Whether one uses red, gold or white, this material is usually mesmerizing and will perfectly accent crystal pool water. Of course, describing this outstanding material can only accomplish so much. Only by seeing Coral Stone firsthand can one truly appreciate this material.

Slips and accidents are a constant worry for the average pool owner. Even when accidents are covered by homeowners' insurance, they are often traumatizing. CS decking can drastically reduce these worries, allowing people to enjoy more relaxing poolside days. Resistant to mold, CS is also ideal for the growing class of people adopting saltwater instead of chlorine for pool sanitation.

Consumers and professionals are working in tandem to raise awareness about the high-quality types of coral stone residents can access. Despite its many excellent qualities, CS is a surprisingly affordable choice for people who work with the most reputable decking installers. By only working with installers that have strong reputations, one can ensure that decking is fully satisfying in its final form. In due time, it is likely that CS will gain much greater exposure as a dynamic and well-rounded pool decking material. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coral Stone for Desert Climate!

Coral Stone is an exciting new material that pool builders, landscape architects and interior designers around the world are using to transform their schemes into exquisite outdoor or indoor spaces. This luxury product, which can enhance anything from a private residence or a hotel to a city park or palace, has been used in prestigious building projects across the United States, in Las Vegas, Arizona, California and Florida, as well as throughout the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Europe.
Also known as Coralina, it is a type of limestone obtained from tropical quarries, particularly in the Dominican Republic, where the best quality of stone is found. Coralina contains coral, shell fossils and sand, all of which gives it its unique qualities of strength, durability and elegance.
Coralina’s non-slip surface, low heat-absorbency and ability to withstand the extremes of weather, sat water and the sort of wear and tear that any pool-side is subjected to make it ideal also for paving, patios, wall veneer and any other outdoor surface in the middle east region, particularly in desert climates where summer temperatures are extremely high. The benefits of coral stone tiles for pool decking have also been discovered by homeowners in a variety of climate zones beyond the usual hot and sunny Mediterranean and subtropical areas, where it’s natural warmth and luxurious feel make it the obvious choice.
Jorge Larrauri, president of Coral Stone USA, says: ‘Coralina can transform any outdoor setting into a comfortable and safe environment that swimmers will enjoy no matter how hot and slick it gets.’
When designing a swimming pool deck, functionality is the most important consideration. A beautiful, contemporary design on paper is no good in reality if it does not have a non-slip surface with minimal heat retention. Using coral stone pool pavers over the whole area will ensure that it stays cool at all times. For this reason, coral stone is also the ideal solution for a patio, where you want to enjoy the sun but do not want a surface that is hot underfoot. Coralina’s natural heat-reflecting properties ensure that any paved surface stays comfortably cool even in the hottest climate and where the surfaces remain dry. Installation is easy, requiring little modification once the stone is cut to size, and it is finished with a sealant that ensures its durability and lasting brilliance.
Coralina’s beauty and durability also make it a very versatile building material, which can add a unique elegance and quality of finish to a variety of contemporary exterior and interior settings, including wonderfully cool and tactile floors, wall veneers, columns, staircases, trims, balustrades and driveways.
A coral stone wall veneer adds to the beauty of your home increasing its value and attraction to potential buyers. Besides the variety of colors available, there are two options for installation: sand set or mortared pavers. The former is the most commonly used, although mortared pavers set with concrete slabs between each stone creates a highly durable, immovable surface.
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