Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Oolite Stone

Oolite stone has been increasing in popularity throughout Florida and the Caribbean as more and more people are using it to beautify their homes as well as create more of a private feel to them.

This sedimentary rock, which is formed when tiny ooids less than 2 mm long cement together after being put under pressure, is typically located in shallow tropical seas such as the Bahamas. Florida stone is generally found in the Florida Keys and near Miami's Biscayne Bay.

Waves keep these ooids moving, which enable them to become polished on all sides. The warm waters that exist around Florida also help lower the carbon dioxide that exists in them as gases tend to remain dissolved in warmer water; this feature is necessary to create oolite in greater numbers.

However, oolite stone can also be created in what would appear to be non-ideal conditions such as in the Great Salt Lake, which experiences chilly winter weather, and in places like drainage pipes.

The word "oolite" is derived from a Greek word for fish roe (eggs), and they do in fact look like tiny eggs.

This type of coral stone can be used in a variety of ways.

Several people utilize Florida stone as a fence that serves a dual purpose of adding to a home's aesthetic appeal as well as the practical use of creating a great deal of privacy. Some have this wall built up to a height that allows tree branches to lean just over it, adding to the home's overall beauty.

Coral stone has also been used to create picturesque columns. Some adventurous homeowners have even used it to help recreate a Greek amphitheater.

A few people have used Florida stone to create a rustic feel to a home's interior as well. The ambiance created by these types of walls being situated next to windows that provide a view of a beautiful Floridian waterway or other natural setting is inspiring.

However, few limits exist as far as where oolite stone can be used, and builders are always ready to put new ideas into motion and make them a reality.