Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Oolite Stone Bench

Coral Stone USA has had the privilege and honor to provide natural Dominican stone to a handful of city parks across South Florida. Some of these city parks are Veterans Park in Doral, Florida and the Stone Benches at Pompano Beach, Florida. 

Furthermore, we do provide basic structures such as, driveways, sidewalks, and benches for outdoor areas. However, for projects like the Veterans Park we used custom borders and blocks to create a unique landscape. This allows for City Parks to create custom pieces to represent their park. The ability of being able to create something unique to represent a larger community is a great addition we have been able to add into our company. Along with advanced machinery and our C&C machine this technology allows us to carve any design into the stone. 

The Pompano Beach benches is another project we are proud to be a part of proud. The Coral stone benches fit in perfectly in their true place. The tropical beauty in Pompano made for an eye capturing landscape. The oolite benches are blocks of natural white coral stone. All of our natural coral stone is shipped and imported from the Dominican Republic. Coral Stone USA is proud to have our Natural Coral Stone benches be a part of a place where many people enjoy daily. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Architectural Stone

Architectural stone is a very broad term when it comes to Coral Stone. The definition of architectural stone is very broad because it is open to imagination. Architectural stone is stone carved with incredible details along the borders or even in the center of the stone. For instance, at Coral Stone USA we create this architectural stone by using a C&C machine. C&C machines allow us to customize any piece of stone that comes to your mind, from hand rials to stepping stones with a detailed edges.  Furthermore, we at Coral Stone USA quarry are able to produce the perfect stone for your pool, commercial residence, or private residence. Also, the benefits of architectural stone are that it allows the customer to be creative and let their imagination run wild. Whether that be for a wall veneer with unique patterns and designs or columns with texture.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ice White Marble

Ice White Marble has been popularly demanded across the stone empire. There are many different types of tile, marble, etc. However, Ice White Marble is unique within in features. The marble has a white background with splashes of grey across the tile. The uses for Ice White marble are up to imagination. For instance, if you’re looking for a modern kitchen counter top, Ice White marble provides a smooth surface, yet an elegant fancy look. The beauty within the stone is the blend between the white background and grey waves which are truly unique to Ice
 White Marble.  The uses of Ice White are not limited to interior decor. If you are looking for exterior use Coral Stone USA provides sandblasted Ice White Marble, which causes a non-slip surface. This allows for use around pool decks, bathrooms, etc.  White Ice Marble looks really desirable alongside cool colors.

For example, pairing a white ice counter top with grey walls will give a fancy, chic appearance to the stone. These are ideas of past customers who have been very satisfied with their results, but the Ice White applications are not limited to the ideas above. White Ice Marble can be paired with a range of colors.  Furthermore, White Ice can be paired with metallic colors, white to give a more fancy look, or even darker wooden tones can be applied to give a high contrast and bring out the stone. The Ice White finish paired with steel appliances allow an elegant, yet subtle touch to your kitchen.  Coral Stone USA has added the Ice White Marble into inventory following high demand from our consumers. We import the stone from the Mediterranean, and ship to wherever your imagination takes you. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Interior Designs

The world of interior design is constantly changing and evolving. New patterns and ideas come about and are introduced to the public to provide a new, modern look into people's’ homes. In the complex field of interior design a popular option is Coral Stone filled & honed, polished look. The finish allows for a smooth surface, meanwhile being elegant and beautiful to the eye.  Filled & Honed finish are popular options when building beach homes and other projects. The reason why it is so popular is because for the investment one can provide a tropical feel in the home, and simply enjoy being at your private residence or dream home.  The brushed & polished finish on the paver/tile/etc. Is one of the many features of the stone. The ability of the Coral Stone to remain cool to touch allows for perfect interior applications, and even exterior as well. The coral patterns on the stone are unique to every Dominican stone, and portray a Caribbean feel to the flooring. The one of a kind swirls on the stone are 100% natural, and allow for a tropic setting and feel to the project.  The idea of creating a dream project can become reality with the help of Coral Stone USA we are here to provide excellent service, and we pride ourselves in giving you the option to create your wonderland. Whether that be an interior or exterior project Coral Stone USA provides the stone to create the most beautiful beach homes, private residences, and commercial projects. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pool Deck

The pictures above/below is a taken from an eye-capturing resort that used Coralina Tiles in the production of their pool decks. The Coral stone or as some say keystone is an excellent choice around heavily populated areas due to the ability of keystone to maintain a non-slippery surface around pool decks. The benefit of this is that children or anyone can easily slip on any other tile, however, with keystone tiles you reduce or eliminate the chances of children falling on the tile due to wet surfaces.

The smooth finish on the keystone tiles are really what makes the resort look like the magical place it is. The white coral stone stands out when in the picture with beautiful,  green grass and palm trees. Keystone allows anybody to build their picturesque paradise, and enjoy their paradise day in and day out. Moreover, the heat resistance the stone provides is perfect for hot, summer days because the stone will maintain a cool temperature allowing people to walk and enjoy without being bothered my the flaming, hot ground.

The patterns on the Coralina tile are unique in every piece which gives an authentic, tropical appearance to the pool deck. Furthermore, the pool deck itself is completely made in Keystone/Coralina Tiles imported from the Dominican Republic. We challenge you to make the beautiful paradise you dream of with Coralina Tiles.



Thursday, January 10, 2019

CoralStone USA - Who Are We?

Coral Stone USA is a highly regarded producer of one of a kind coral stone. We provide coral stone for high-end residential and commercial clients across the globe. All of our natural stone is exported directly from the Dominican Republic. We carry red, white, gold Coral stone, tiles (natural, filled & honed, brushed and polished), slabs, trims, swimming pool copings, hand rails, balustrades, 
coral blocks, pavers and craftsmanship. Along with its many features the natural beauty and rich texture of coral keystone products can enhance any wall, pool, or decor. The pureness in the fossil patterns and neutral hues give the stone a one of a kind finish. Coral Stone can be the eye capturing component in any pool, pavement, or patio.
The application of Coral Stone is not limited to pools, pavements, patios, etc. Coral stone can be applied as a wall veneer as well. (Visit our website @ for more information.) Regardless of your theme, whether it be traditional, bohemian, or classic, Coral stone will add a sense of luxury and style allowing you to make the perfect statement.

Coral Stone USA is committed to creating excellent customer service. We work around the clock helping the customer create their perfect paradise. We are always here to help when giving ideas, and alternate stone patterns to give the customer the satisfaction they deserve.
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Monday, January 7, 2019

Stepping Stones

There are many options, and many designs to choose from when installing Coral Stone, or simply looking into the idea of remodeling with Coral Stone tiles. A highly demanded pattern/design is the Stepping Stone design. The stepping stones are simply placed in a order which forms a walkway, and give the tropical feeling to the environment.
Stepping stones are placed on any flooring or lawn. When placed on lawns the effect of the stepping stone is multiplied due to the vibrant colors and contrast of the stone. It has an aesthetic appeal, as well as, being non-slippery, heat resistant, and an easy install.
Stepping stones avoid the tragedy of guests trapping through your yard cause a path of messy dirt. They allow the opportunity for visitors to slow down, and enjoy the nature of your yard. Don’t allow your yard to become pathways of old, rugged dirt. Let this be the last year your guests have to get their shoes dirty, and install some stepping stones.
A question we are asked frequently is, “Is this a project I can do myself?” The answer is simple, for a small/medium pathway stepping stones are an easy install. However, for larger projects, installation is highly recommended to be done by professionals. If you would like to know more please visit our website @