Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Monday, January 7, 2019

Stepping Stones

There are many options, and many designs to choose from when installing Coral Stone, or simply looking into the idea of remodeling with Coral Stone tiles. A highly demanded pattern/design is the Stepping Stone design. The stepping stones are simply placed in a order which forms a walkway, and give the tropical feeling to the environment.
Stepping stones are placed on any flooring or lawn. When placed on lawns the effect of the stepping stone is multiplied due to the vibrant colors and contrast of the stone. It has an aesthetic appeal, as well as, being non-slippery, heat resistant, and an easy install.
Stepping stones avoid the tragedy of guests trapping through your yard cause a path of messy dirt. They allow the opportunity for visitors to slow down, and enjoy the nature of your yard. Don’t allow your yard to become pathways of old, rugged dirt. Let this be the last year your guests have to get their shoes dirty, and install some stepping stones.
A question we are asked frequently is, “Is this a project I can do myself?” The answer is simple, for a small/medium pathway stepping stones are an easy install. However, for larger projects, installation is highly recommended to be done by professionals. If you would like to know more please visit our website @


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