Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Friday, January 15, 2021

Coral Pool Deck

When it comes to designing a pool area for commercial purposes as well as private homes and residences; there are many aspects to take into account. Not only does one give thought to depth, length, width, safety standards, plumbing, etc. but also the deck of the pool is the part of the pool that will take the ‘beating’ over time. With this in mind, one should find something that appeals to their taste but is also durable, sustainable, and safe for its consumers. 
Moreover, not only in pool areas of high traffic such as hotels and communal pools, but private residences as well must ensure that the material for the pool deck is non-slip and heat resistant. Why? Well, pools tend to have kids running around excited and eager to get in the water; using a natural stone like coral stone that tends to have grip even when wet is a great option to prevent children and adults from slipping. In terms of heat absorption by the stone itself, Coral Stone has one of the lowest heat retention rates compared to other natural stones. This is one of the many reasons consumers lean towards coral stone when it comes to pool decking. No one likes stepping out and going to the pool to get there and have your feet or thighs burning while sitting/standing on the deck. 
So, what about maintenance? In the situation of using natural stone on an exterior surface, it is always a good idea to use a sealer to protect the stone. Keep in mind some sealers are ‘color enhancer’ this is not something you want if you want the natural look of the stone. Along with sealing upon installations. The sealer should protect against mildew and mold in tropical climates. Another recommendation is to pressure wash the stone before applying the sealer. This gets rid of dirt trapped between pores of the stone and restores the stone quite a bit. 
Classic, low-maintenance, kid-friendly, and affordable are just some of the adjectives used to describe Dominican Coral Stone used for pool decks.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Chicago Bricks


Here at Coral Stone & Marble our goal is to provide our clients with the materials and customer service they need to ensure their projects works out in the best way possible. These past couple of months we have been working diligently and efficiently throughout this pandemic to provide experience and leadership to our clients. Today, marks the third month that our Chicago Bricks Style line NORTH TOWN BRICKS has been advertised throughout the states. The picture you see above is a recent project in South Florida. This is a perfect example of how our Chicago Bricks can be in your driveway next! Note how not all individual bricks are not the same color, some are lighter and some are darker. Although, we can fabricate bright red and lighter shades of red; this client was really satisfied with the end product. The different shades give the driveway some life as not all are the exact same. Currently, we are producing about 10,000 SF per month and have plenty in stock. The vibrant, red bricks are perfect for driveways, wall veneers, and to be used as driveway pavers. The simple, traditional look of Chicago Style Bricks is excellent to combine with a red roof and other details that can be discussed further. Please contact us for any questions or concerns. Also, feel free to visit our website for more pictures and other ideas @

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Coral Stone Columns


Coral Stone Columns 

When our clients come into the office and ask our representatives for recommendations when it comes to using Coral Stone we usually reply with one phrase, “Well, that depends how creative you would like to get.” As many of our representatives explain to our clients, Coral Stone can be used to create the dream private residence or even for small designer cuts for businesses.

            First, let me begin by explaining how the process for cutting this delicate stone works. Standard sizes are saw cut using a circular saw with water acting as a lubricant. Special/custom orders are cut using a C&C machine. What is this machine? Well, this special machinery is used for laser precise cuts used for custom pieces. For instance, in the picture below you may ask how the coral stone columns are cut. However, using this precise C&C machinery we can cut to exact dimensions that re requested by the client/architect. If one looks closely at the bottom of the column, we can notice that there are several different edges starting from the point where the column meets the floor to its top. The C&C machine works with the dimensions of how the client wants the stone. This allows us to cut precise and exact cuts specific for your Coral Stone needs. This allows the customer to be creative with how they want to use this wonderful natural stone.

            Furthermore, we can use these machines not only to make large columns and pieces, but to fabricate the stone YOU want for YOUR specific uses. To use the picture as an example, using the C&C machine these columns cad add a colonial finish to the project. The columns add a rustic yet traditional texture to the area surrounding it. Using our line of Coral Stone White, together we can help you create your dream castle for your desires.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Driveway Bricks Installation

Old Town Bricks, our newest addition to our collection adds to our line of building materials. For the past 15 years we have focused on Coral Stone that adds a tropical sensation to your project. However, we decided it was best for consumers and ourselves to expand into the realm of Chicago style bricks. Our line of bricks is manufactured in the Dominican Republic and shipped directly to the US or to the consumer. Our motto, “Built today, yesterday’s tradition” represents our mission to rebuild and promote the materials used in the past for an authentic and traditional resemblance. Throughout the US, Europe, and many other continents around the world, brick blocks were used as a basis and starting point throughout the centuries. Our bricks are especially crafted to withstand weight, rain or shine, and the harshest weather conditions to keep the brick bright red. With this said there are a variety of uses for a material such as brick. Brick blocks can be used for wall veneer, driveways, or even large-scale projects such as churches, homes, etc. The history of bricks creates a ‘look’ that other materials cannot replicate. Call us or email us for a quote, question, or more information regarding out Old Town Bricks, Built today, yesterday’s tradition.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Clay Bricks

We are excited and happy to tell our customers that we have launched our new brick collection. Due to the abnormalities and mishaps around the globe caused by COVID-19 we were unable to ship and distribute our line of Chicago style bricks. However, we are up and running and business has resumed much closer to normality. Our bricks are a unique Coral Stone USA product but the material has the same functionality and appearance as a Chicago style brick. This line of product can be used for a wide variety of projects. For instance, wall veneers, driveways, or decor patterns along a structure. If interested in a quote or more information about the product please visit our website . You can also call our office directly, and we will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Coral Stone Jacuzzi


he Coral stone or as some say keystone, is an excellent choice around heavily populated areas due to the ability of material to maintain a non-slippery surface around pool decks. The benefit of this is that children or anyone can easily slip on any other tile, however, with keystone tiles you reduce or eliminate the chances of children falling on the tile due to wet surfaces. The smooth finish on the coral stone tiles are really what makes the resort look like the magical place it is. The white coral stone stands out when in the picture with beautiful,  green grass and palm trees. Keystone allows anybody to build their picturesque paradise, and enjoy their paradise day in and day out. Moreover, the heat resistance the stone provides is perfect for hot, summer days because the stone will maintain a cool temperature allowing people to walk and enjoy without being bothered by the hot ground. The patterns on the Coral Stone tile/paver are unique in every piece which creates an authentic, tropical appearance to the pool deck. We challenge you to make the beautiful paradise you dream of with all natural Dominican coral Stone. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coral sleek finish

As COVID-19 takes its toll on business, family, and society as a whole our staff at Coral Stone USA continually works to provide your materials and coral stone needs. Today, we share a design idea that works for tropical or pool areas. The natural coral stone is simply top of the line when it comes to building material for your pool. However, we decided to announce a more creative and sleek finish to the stone. Our new coral stone long cuts allow for a contemporary look to any pool deck or outdoor seating area, and also comes at a much affordable price. This stone is perfect for warm, rainy, and moist climates. Since the stone is 100% natural coral stone it is water-resistant and most importantly, it does not retain heat like other materials. We all know it is a terrible feeling to go outside, take a look at the pool on a summer day, and have to run back inside because you cannot stand on the boiling hot floor. This stone remains at a comfortable temperature when the sun is at its peak, and does not cause slips when wet due to its grooves and texture. The Coral Stone long cuts is a great option for anyone with intentions of building a pool, seating area, or even a common area indoors as well. It is great to achieve a unique and contemporary look you desire or are thinking of.