Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Thursday, September 26, 2019

City Parks

City parks across South Florida are using Coral Stone benches and flooring because of its beauty and non-slip characteristics. The reason as to why this is so important in the world of architecture and natural stone is because the features of Dominican coral stone, allow for more safety throughout the park.

For example, in tropical areas where rainfall is frequent, the stone naturally ensures a non-slippery surface to walk on. This ensures the safety of the consumers in the park. The beauty itself is recommended to be seen in person. The breathtaking patterns, and natural glow of the Coral stone is unique to every slab used. Some of the parks that are using natural Dominican coral stone are: Doral Veterans Park and Pompano Beach. Both of these locations are located in South Florida. The tropical weather and frequent rainfall, are some of the factors as to why the city have chosen our stone. In Pompano, these stones make perfect sense due to their location, which is along the coastline and on the sidewalks for pedestrians. The benches in Pompano are used to target pedestrians walking along the coast, meanwhile the benches produced for Doral Veterans Park are used for pedestrians walking with their children or friends. The fact that the benches can serve the same purpose in different scenery, shows the broad spectrum of the use of natural Dominican Coral Stone. It can be used in naturally sandy and moist areas, while also being useful in regular parks surrounded by vegetation. One of the features of the Dominican stone is its natural ability to defend itself against mildew and mold. This could be very useful in areas like Doral Veterans Park which is an area that is mostly green.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Filled & Honed Coral Stone Veneer

There are ample reasons as to why using benefits filled and honed coral stone. Apart from the fact that it is simply beautiful, because of the vertical installation it causes the percentage of water that is absorbed into the stone to drop significantly. Due to this, the stone is much easier to maintain.

 The natural, clean look of the stone remains intact because of the low water absorption. Furthermore, the stone itself prevents mildew along its face. Therefore, if you are someone who appreciates an elegant, clean look then this is an option to consider. When it comes to filled and honed, there are a wide variety of options. To explain, ‘filled and honed’ is a finish on the natural stone of choice. For example, the natural coral stone in gold color would then be processed and finished with the filled and honed. 

 The filled and honed process is simply clean, fill in the pores of the stone, sand, and polish. The polish portion is not to make the stone shiny, however, a detail of the natural stone itself. To conclude, the natural beauty of Dominican coral stone combined with the filled and honed finish is one to consider with other exterior wall veneer options on the market. The low water absorption feature, alongside reduced mildew are avoidable headaches that any homeowner keeps in mind.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Gold Coral Stone Tumbled

Gold Tumbled Stone Veneer is a more unique piece in our collection. We provide many different finishes and color variants, however, the gold tumbled is a special stone at Coral Stone USA. Gold Tumbled Stone is unique because of its finish. The ‘tumbled’ means that around the edges it has been chipped repeatedly. This causes the edges to look like waves of stone climbing on top of each other. This finish is regarded as highly attractive to the human eye, and it is because the gold of the stone with the tumbling edges brings out the stone to be more lively.

When installed, one can see the excellent detail in the tumbled finish. As you can see in the picture above, one of the installations of this stone is wall veneers. The perfect combination of materials are seen in this picture. The gold of the stone creates a contrast with the roof and windows of the property. The finish on the stone is breathtaking. The natural yet magical look that the stone portrays is truly beautiful. There are several uses for this stone. For instance, it can be used as a driveway pavers, exterior and interior cladding, and also for interior designs. The benefits of the gold tumbled is the variety of uses and applications. Also, many builders and contractors are realizing that the tumbled stone is great for protection against hurricanes and natural disasters. Due to this new information, our gold tumbled stone is recommended as a safety structure against high winds.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Coral Flag Stone

Irregular shape coral flagstone is one of those decor pieces. For instance, the large irregular shapes of the stone are typically used for stepping stones, or stones along a walkway. However, recently there have been many more developments with flagstone. For example. Now we offer ¾ inch flagstone which can be placed on concrete. This allows for columns, wall veneers, etc. The flag stone we offer at Coral Stone USA have two installations. We offer ¾ of an inch and we also offer 1 ¼ inches. The thicker the flag stone the better it is when it is placed on sand, grass, or dirt. The thickness will allow the piece to sink into the ground.

Usually, consumers who use flag stone this way tend to create what we call ‘stepping stones’. These pieces give the walkway, and environment a tropical feeling to the atmosphere. There are a variety of sizes available when it comes to the flag stone. For instance, these particular pieces we cut to thickness and size. However, consumers must keep in mind this is an irregular shape. Coral Stone flagstone has always been appreciated in the community. However, the stone gives a tropical, sandy feeling to wherever it is placed. In all honesty, this stone makes people take a look at their surroundings, and forces you to witness its picturesque beauty.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Non-Slip Pool Decks

The expansion of Dominican coral stone is quickly spreading to unorthodox installations. However, these out of normality installations and applications are only proving to consumers that anything is possible with coral stone. Recently, another development in the Caribbean, used Coral Stone around areas that had high traffic and was around water. They decided to use this in these locations because the coral stone allowed for the customers to walk freely, without the fear of slipping and injuring themselves. This is one of the traits of coral stone, which is that it maintains a non-slip surface when wet. With this in mind, the hotels chose this material because it reduces liability possibilities with customers walking in and out of wet surfaces. Furthermore, many hotels are now using  Coral Stone for pool decks because it is less of a safety hazard for consumers, and for the hotels. Having a material that is heat-resistant, and safe for people to walk on, while its wet is critical for tropical environments. Coral Stone provides a beautiful scenery, all while providing an extra layer of safety to all consumers.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Limestone Veneer

Our line of Florencia Limestone is very unique to every application. For the most part, our customers use this stone for wall veneers. However, due to the texture and look of the stone, FLorencia limestone can be used for indoor and exterior decor. The irregular face of the stone can allow for larger scale projects or simply add a touch to a preexisting wall or ledge.

Florencia Limestone gives a tropical warmth to its surroundings, which allow for the builder to replicate a tropical landscape for their project. There has been an increase in the use of Florencia Limestone for wall veneers. The combination of this stone with a light colored wall creates a beautiful scenery for all to enjoy. Coral Stone USA assures our clients that we cut to size for these particular stones. As the supplier we like to work with our clients to provide the best options for the project in question. Many of our clients have been satisfied with our recommendations, ranging from Florencia Limestone to pool copings and natural coral stone.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Cantera Stone

Here at Coral Stone USA we pride ourselves with giving our clients options. Now options is a widely used and very loose term, however, to Coral Stone USA options are us giving you the greatest quality while still maintaining the vision our customers had set out for. Today, we are unveiling a product that we admire and love. The ‘Cantera Grey’ stone also called the basaltstone or volcanic stone, has just been stocked and waiting for you to design your project with.

The basalt stone is not like the typical Dominican Coral Stone however, it is a darker much bolder material that can be used for wall veneers, outdoor decor, and pool decks. The texture of the stop allows safety when wet. For instance, due to the texture of the stone, the material does not allow for persons to slip when it is covered in water. This makes it a perfect stone to surround a pool, or even around a fountain. Not only is the basalt stone a unique material, but it also gives the landscape a brand new, fresh look. It can change a simple home into a luxurious home. In this industry every little detail matters from the splashes of white in the grey stone to the dots of black that stretch across the face of the basalt stone. The Cantera Gray stone is inviting you to give it a shot and let the stone become part of your landscape.