Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Friday, July 5, 2019

Limestone Veneer

Our line of Florencia Limestone is very unique to every application. For the most part, our customers use this stone for wall veneers. However, due to the texture and look of the stone, FLorencia limestone can be used for indoor and exterior decor. The irregular face of the stone can allow for larger scale projects or simply add a touch to a preexisting wall or ledge.

Florencia Limestone gives a tropical warmth to its surroundings, which allow for the builder to replicate a tropical landscape for their project. There has been an increase in the use of Florencia Limestone for wall veneers. The combination of this stone with a light colored wall creates a beautiful scenery for all to enjoy. Coral Stone USA assures our clients that we cut to size for these particular stones. As the supplier we like to work with our clients to provide the best options for the project in question. Many of our clients have been satisfied with our recommendations, ranging from Florencia Limestone to pool copings and natural coral stone.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Cantera Stone

Here at Coral Stone USA we pride ourselves with giving our clients options. Now options is a widely used and very loose term, however, to Coral Stone USA options are us giving you the greatest quality while still maintaining the vision our customers had set out for. Today, we are unveiling a product that we admire and love. The ‘Cantera Grey’ stone also called the basaltstone or volcanic stone, has just been stocked and waiting for you to design your project with.

The basalt stone is not like the typical Dominican Coral Stone however, it is a darker much bolder material that can be used for wall veneers, outdoor decor, and pool decks. The texture of the stop allows safety when wet. For instance, due to the texture of the stone, the material does not allow for persons to slip when it is covered in water. This makes it a perfect stone to surround a pool, or even around a fountain. Not only is the basalt stone a unique material, but it also gives the landscape a brand new, fresh look. It can change a simple home into a luxurious home. In this industry every little detail matters from the splashes of white in the grey stone to the dots of black that stretch across the face of the basalt stone. The Cantera Gray stone is inviting you to give it a shot and let the stone become part of your landscape.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Red Coral Stone

Red coral stone is a unique piece that only comes out of an exclusive factory in the Dominican Republic. This is the one-of-a-kind stone that screams “look at me” to the human eye. The main difference of this red-pink coral stone when compared to any other coral stone is the striking dashes and splashes of pink across the face of the stone.

The natural pink coral stone is a variant of the natural coral stone we sell here at Coral Stone USA. It can be applied in a variety of ways from wall veneers to stepping stones, pink coral stone can be used for all purposes. Some of our clients have designed columns and decor pieces with this natural pink stone to give a tropical vibe to their projects. Coral Stone USA is the only supplier here in South Florida that provides natural pink stone imported from the Dominican Republic. Our pink coral stone comes in standard sizes as well as special orders. Using our C&C machine we cut to perfection each and every time. The natural pink stone is here and it is up to your imagination and creativity to build your project, dream home, or luxury home.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Coral Stone Rubble

Coral stone rubble are small stones mined naturally from Dominican Republic. These particular stones unique in shape because they have irregular edges and trims. The edges and the stone itself is 100 percent natural, meaning the product is not refined after the mining process. Rubble stone is mainly used a decor piece alongside walkways, sidewalks, and/or vegetation. For instance, consumers place these stones above the grass to create a walkway in a unique and tropical way. The use of rubble stone relies on imagination and how the consumer would like to have it placed. The rubble stones are an aesthetic feature that can be added to your backyard, pool, or any landscape. The rubble stone is widely used across South Florida for residential and commercial landscapes.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Shell Stone

Mediterranean seashell stone is one of our newly added stones to our collection. Here at CoralStone USA we have many variants, and different types of stone designs, however, our new favorite is the mediterranean shellstone. The shellstone we have comes in different designs and textures. For instance, we carry filled & honed, saw cut, and we also cut to size as well. The filled & honed material is mainly a normal piece of mediterranean shellstone, but the holes in the stone are filled in and then honed down to a perfectly smooth finish, hence filled & honed. Many of our customers request filled & honed for interior purposes or wall veneers to give the scenery a tropical touch. We also have the tumbled finish which is a unique finish, and gives the stone a tad of more texture and life. Our mediterranean shellstone has a variety of different cuts and textures. For instance, we also have bullnose, brushed, tiles, pavers, and pool copings. The standard cut sizes remain the same throughout the different finished, however, the option to select your finish allows you to choose your perfect oasis, and create your happy place. We begin our standard cuts at 12x24 and our last standard cut would be 36x36. Keep in mind these are only standard sizes. CoralStone USA does cut to size on special orders and requests. CoralStone USA prides itself with providing the best service to all customers, and helping our clients achieve their dream projects. We are excited and looking forward to launching this new product becomes it gives our clients another option as to how to construct the picturesque scenery they are after

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Wall Veneer

Coral Stone Wall veneers have been around for quite some time, however, recently in the home design industry there has been an increasing demand. There are many reasons for this rise in demand, but mainly there are many pros to using natural coral stone tiles or pavers. The beauty behind a product that comes from mother nature is unique to Dominican coral stone. The irreplaceable patterns and textures that are shown in the pictures above are particular to every single tile. For example, in the picture above, the coral tile that are used are 18x18 and they give a great contrast to the building itself, allowing the building to come alive and unique from those around it. Moving on, the stone used in the picture is mined and exported out of the Dominican Republic.

 Due to the intense work and thought placed into mining these beautiful pieces, it is our job as Coral Stone USA to ensure that our clients create their perfect picturesque scenery. Whether that be for an indoor or outdoor wall veneer, coral stone can be used in a variety of climate, and will create a tropical vibe to its surroundings. Furthermore, the stone is 100% natural Dominican coral stone which in turn will require little maintenance to keep its elegant, fancy look. Typically, a simple pressure wash at most will preserve the stone and keep the copings/tiles/pavers beautiful. Here at Coral Stone USA we recommend a sealant to preserve the stone against uncontrollable variables. This will protect the stone from mold, and lichens which is inevitable in tropical/wet climates. All in all, natural Dominican coral stone has a variety of uses but in this specific case of wall veneers it is an excellent, elegant, tropical choice when designing your home, building, or project.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Oolite Stone

Oolite is one of the many products we offer at Coral Stone USA. Florida oolite is often found in the southeastern region of Florida. There are many uses for Oolite stone for instance, the magical stone can be used in pools, exterior/interior designs, wall veneers, columns, or as building blocks. The beauty of the oolite stone is its natural tropical appeal. Since, the stone gives off a tropical vibe, the surroundings around the stone tend to pop out and create a picturesque landscape. Also, the organic nature of the stone allows for moisture to be around the stone and not cause major problems. Here at Coral Stone USA we proudly say that our most requested product is the oolite stone. However, we have several variations here in the showroom. From natural Dominican stone to Floridian oolite Coral Stone USA is here to support and help you achieve the dream home or project you desire.