Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Coral Stone Blocks

With the next decade already in motion at Coral stone USA we try each year to pursue new projects, and provide new options for our clients. This 2020 Coral Stone USA is leading the industry in creating new designs and ideas for prospective customers around the world.  At Coral Stone USA we have introduced solid blocks made of natural, Dominican coral stone. Our intentions with having a machine that can not only cut to size but create solid blocks, and many other unique structural pieces is to allow for other uses of Coral Stone. This machine allows us to fabricate distinct architectural stone, retaining walls, support structures, and even comfortable, stylish benches for patios or park benches. As advancement in technology progresses we are allowed to design and fabricate support beams and other structures that will expand the barrier of coral stone.  Although, coral stone is mainly used for pool decks due to its unique features. Our vision at Coral Stone expands much further than imaginable. Using Coral Stone to build, per say, support beams across the interior of a home, or building will add a tropical, warm environment. The luxurious, eye-catching style of Coral Stone can change the dynamic of any project whether that be a home, office building, or a villa that looks onto the beach. Also, designing a unique piece to your project that will be carved out of natural Dominican Coral Stone can be an attention grabber for guests.  Coral Stone USA is excited to see what our clients would like to create with their imagination, and for us to provide the satisfaction and service to make those dreams become a reality

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Chicago Bricks

This exciting 2020 will bring many great things to Coral Stone USA. Not only are we expanding our warehouse and offices, but we are introducing Chicago Brick into our catalog. Chicago style brick is used for driveways, pools, and wall veneers. This bright red/orange color adds life and a vibrant finish to any driveway or wall. The product itself is widely used in Europe, on sidewalks, pavement, and ledges.  In terms of a commercial use, the Chicago style brick can be very useful due to the ridges and borders it has. Due to this, damage from skaters or action sports enthusiast is limited and much less when comparing other public surfaces. This is an affordable alternative for projects that are going to be in use constantly, for example, a driveway in which there will be cars coming in and out. Or, public platforms to sit, relax, and enjoy a coffee.  Chicago style brick enhances your outdoor decor and appearance of your home, project, or commercial building. The brick allows for a classic, more established theme to your building or project. The sophistication that also comes with the Chicago style brick is unique to modern brick structures that can be created with the help of Coral Stone USA. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

Split Face Fireplace

In the world of architecture and design, building materials always arise into question. Whether that be from the supplier, manufacturer, or shipping company, building materials are the foundation of any project. When planning a project or design, questions seem to raise awareness surrounding floor decks, unique structures, pool decks, and/or wall veneers. However, this past year of 2019 Coral Stone USA has seen an increase in demand for our natural gold split face paver. 

The split face can be used in many different scenarios. For instance, custom stone fireplace cut by our C&C machine can be designed using split face to add texture to a fireplace and wall. Furthermore, the texture that is visibly depicted throughout the pieces of stone are second to none. Using split face to add life, and movement to a wall can be a subtle yet inspirational design. 
The features of the split face are that it is water-resistant and mildew resistant, if applied with the recommended sealer. When applied properly natural coral stone can depict a tropical vibe and feeling inside any home or office. 
All in all, natural coral stone in the form of split face can be very beneficial and unique on any design ranging from a fireplace, wall veneer, or building structure. 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Beige Coral Stone

Outdoor décor and design are widely regarded as a mixture of client satisfaction and trends that are current or upcoming. This mixture is balanced by the designer and their clients. At Coral Stone USA we are increasingly noticing the purchase of beige coral stone over white coral stone due to its potential to bring out its surroundings. For instance, a prospective client requested pictures of beige and white coral stone. When our customer service department requested information from the client. He mentioned he appreciated how the beige brought out the palm trees that surrounded his property. On a sunny day, the way light reflects off beige color pieces is unique to that color. Here at Coral Stone USA we have pointed out the difference in regard to how the light reflects off the piece and onto the outer décor whether that be beautiful, green palm trees or a sky-blue infinity pool.

The difference between beige coral stone or white coral stone, for some, its minuscule, however, for those who enjoy art beige brings out colors surrounding the stone. Beige coral stone is not only beneficial for this purpose, but it also keeps the traits that Dominican Coral stone is known for: nonslip surface when wet, maintains a cool temperature, and it gives the tropical vibe wherever it is placed.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Coral Stone USA

Today there is a wide selection of material to choose from when it comes to building projects. There are many different materials to choose from; of course, the task the material is going to do, also comes into consideration. When it comes to pool decks and areas of leisure and relaxation,

Coral Stone USA is here to help you make a choice.  Throughout the past couple of years, new building projects are relying on natural Coral Stone for their pool and sunbathing areas. There are several reasons as to why we see this change in the architecture industry. To begin, natural coral stone absorbs heat, and for any parent with their child at the pool the last thing that should be on a parents mind is whether their child will burn their feet because it is too hot. In climates with tropical whether such as South Florida, temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes heat the ground to incredible temperatures. Furthermore, natural coral stone is also used due to its ability to keep its grip when wet. In turn, natural coral stone has pores (varying in size,small-medium) which allow one to maintain a firm step when moist and wet.  Finally, not to mention the elegant beauty of a pool surrounded by a natural and picturesque flooring design. The inexplicable patterns portrayed in every stone is unique to itself. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

City Parks

City parks across South Florida are using Coral Stone benches and flooring because of its beauty and non-slip characteristics. The reason as to why this is so important in the world of architecture and natural stone is because the features of Dominican coral stone, allow for more safety throughout the park.

For example, in tropical areas where rainfall is frequent, the stone naturally ensures a non-slippery surface to walk on. This ensures the safety of the consumers in the park. The beauty itself is recommended to be seen in person. The breathtaking patterns, and natural glow of the Coral stone is unique to every slab used. Some of the parks that are using natural Dominican coral stone are: Doral Veterans Park and Pompano Beach. Both of these locations are located in South Florida. The tropical weather and frequent rainfall, are some of the factors as to why the city have chosen our stone. In Pompano, these stones make perfect sense due to their location, which is along the coastline and on the sidewalks for pedestrians. The benches in Pompano are used to target pedestrians walking along the coast, meanwhile the benches produced for Doral Veterans Park are used for pedestrians walking with their children or friends. The fact that the benches can serve the same purpose in different scenery, shows the broad spectrum of the use of natural Dominican Coral Stone. It can be used in naturally sandy and moist areas, while also being useful in regular parks surrounded by vegetation. One of the features of the Dominican stone is its natural ability to defend itself against mildew and mold. This could be very useful in areas like Doral Veterans Park which is an area that is mostly green.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Filled & Honed Coral Stone Veneer

There are ample reasons as to why using benefits filled and honed coral stone. Apart from the fact that it is simply beautiful, because of the vertical installation it causes the percentage of water that is absorbed into the stone to drop significantly. Due to this, the stone is much easier to maintain.

 The natural, clean look of the stone remains intact because of the low water absorption. Furthermore, the stone itself prevents mildew along its face. Therefore, if you are someone who appreciates an elegant, clean look then this is an option to consider. When it comes to filled and honed, there are a wide variety of options. To explain, ‘filled and honed’ is a finish on the natural stone of choice. For example, the natural coral stone in gold color would then be processed and finished with the filled and honed. 

 The filled and honed process is simply clean, fill in the pores of the stone, sand, and polish. The polish portion is not to make the stone shiny, however, a detail of the natural stone itself. To conclude, the natural beauty of Dominican coral stone combined with the filled and honed finish is one to consider with other exterior wall veneer options on the market. The low water absorption feature, alongside reduced mildew are avoidable headaches that any homeowner keeps in mind.