Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Coral Stone Jacuzzi


he Coral stone or as some say keystone, is an excellent choice around heavily populated areas due to the ability of material to maintain a non-slippery surface around pool decks. The benefit of this is that children or anyone can easily slip on any other tile, however, with keystone tiles you reduce or eliminate the chances of children falling on the tile due to wet surfaces. The smooth finish on the coral stone tiles are really what makes the resort look like the magical place it is. The white coral stone stands out when in the picture with beautiful,  green grass and palm trees. Keystone allows anybody to build their picturesque paradise, and enjoy their paradise day in and day out. Moreover, the heat resistance the stone provides is perfect for hot, summer days because the stone will maintain a cool temperature allowing people to walk and enjoy without being bothered by the hot ground. The patterns on the Coral Stone tile/paver are unique in every piece which creates an authentic, tropical appearance to the pool deck. We challenge you to make the beautiful paradise you dream of with all natural Dominican coral Stone. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Coral sleek finish

As COVID-19 takes its toll on business, family, and society as a whole our staff at Coral Stone USA continually works to provide your materials and coral stone needs. Today, we share a design idea that works for tropical or pool areas. The natural coral stone is simply top of the line when it comes to building material for your pool. However, we decided to announce a more creative and sleek finish to the stone. Our new coral stone long cuts allow for a contemporary look to any pool deck or outdoor seating area, and also comes at a much affordable price. This stone is perfect for warm, rainy, and moist climates. Since the stone is 100% natural coral stone it is water-resistant and most importantly, it does not retain heat like other materials. We all know it is a terrible feeling to go outside, take a look at the pool on a summer day, and have to run back inside because you cannot stand on the boiling hot floor. This stone remains at a comfortable temperature when the sun is at its peak, and does not cause slips when wet due to its grooves and texture. The Coral Stone long cuts is a great option for anyone with intentions of building a pool, seating area, or even a common area indoors as well. It is great to achieve a unique and contemporary look you desire or are thinking of. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Old Town Bricks

We are excited and happy to tell our customers that we have relaunched Old Town Bricks. Due to the abnormalities and mishaps around the globe caused by COVID-19 we were unable to ship and distribute Old Town Bricks. However, we are up and running and business has resumed much closer to normality. Old Town Bricks are a unique Coral Stone USA product but the material has the same functionality and appearance as a Chicago style brick. Our line of Old Town Bricks can be used for a wide variety of projects. For instance, wall veneers, driveways, or decor patterns along a structure. If interested in a quote or more information about the product please visit our website . You can also call our office directly, and we will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns.  

Monday, April 20, 2020

Coral Stone Bricks

Back in February of this year, we posted an article based on the combination of Coral Stone and brick. If interested please check it out, however, this article is less on the combination of both elements but an actual brick material made up of natural Coral Stone entirely. This product is unique due its shape of course, but more importantly incredibly eye-catching because of the abstract and different shapes and fossils that glide across the brick surface. For those projects that involve a rustic, medieval, or even classic look, coral stone bricks will make your wall veneer, decor piece, or simple accent pieces attract the naked eye. These bricks come in the typical brick size or we can cut to size as well. Although these bricks are mainly used for wall veneers, designing and decor is about imagination and experimenting with patterns, or new material to develop a certain feeling and environment. We also carry 100% natural coral stone bricks tumbled which gives the edges some texture and looks great partnered with dark wood or a gray surface. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Boulders - Blocks

At Coral Stone USA we are happy to introduce our new, all-natural coral stone boulder blocks. These blocks can be used in a variety of ways and are limited by your creativity. From retaining walls to decor pieces placed strategically for a unique landscape. These blocks are made of 100% coral stone imported from our quarry in the Dominican Republic. At the quarry the blocks are mined safely meanwhile, protecting the environment as we do so. The blocks are especially crafted and left in their natural form. Although the stone blocks seem too big for any use, they can be used as retaining walls or even benches. A stone block of this magnitude not only grabs the attention of anyone walking by but it takes you to the islands of the Caribbean and makes one feel like they are near paradise. I must admit, I am a little biased due to the fact that my family is Dominican, but being born and raised in the USA I have much appreciation for architects that go above and beyond while using these blocks. If you ever have the chance to visit Pompano Beach Blvd in South Florida you will see natural coral stone benches used along the boardwalk. This is an authentic way to experience the stone for yourself, or even realize that these benches are nowhere near uncomfortable, but actually very appealing to the glutes! Visit our gallery page on our website to see the endless projects of natural coral stone we have gladly been a part of. Hopefully, the crew at Coral Stone USA has the chance to help you with a project! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Fantastic Royal Leather

Coral Stone USA is offering a new line of material coming into our product line, we introduce Fantastic Royal Leather. Fantastic Royal Leather is no exaggeration of the product but in a one word, magisterial. This product is extremely tough, rigid, and stable. When designing projects around this material, it is extremely efficient and effective when used for driveways, pool pavers, or structural building blocks.

The Royal Leather is a great way to make your home or resort stand out when surrounded by other projects. Also, this material is an alternative option to those same boring stamped concrete driveways. As someone who has seen this type of material used in a driveway, stepping out of your vehicle onto a pearlescent light stone brightens your day. As well as, the stone being heat resistant, strong enough to retain extensive weight, and non-slip it can change your old driveway into a magisterial entrance to your home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

White Marble Deck

Here at Coral Stone USA we are excited to announce our new line of Ice White marble stone. The stone features an eye catching glow of white across the entire surface, and is finished off with a sand blast to ensure and increase grip for outdoor applications like patios and pool decks. This stone has a variety of functions that include indoor and outdoor projects.  For instance, in regards to indoor uses, this stone can be used for counter tops, wall veneers, and/or flooring. The sparkling white calls for a futuristic, modern, contemporary finish and when combined with soft colors the marble adds a glow to the space. Furthermore, the marble is a consistent reflector of bright light, so if one adds some white lights to the area it creates this unique essence of majestic space. For use in counter tops, this ice white marble is perfect because it is not affected by any direct heat, and remains a smooth, non-stick surface for any culinary activities. 

Outdoor applications are incredible as shown in the pictures above. The Ice White marble surrounding the beautiful blue color of the pool is an exquisite design for modern pools. The splashes of grey along the marble also intrigue the human eye and call for constant admiration. Although it is never recommended to run around a pool for safety reasons; the Ice White marble is topped off with a sand blast option to create a more consistent grip along the material for those times of the kids getting in and out of the pool.