Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stone for Walls

There's something to be said for a well-designed stone wall. If you'd like to add a timeless yet elegant element to the interior or exterior of your home, you can't go wrong with coral stone. Coral is a great stone for wall designs of all shapes, sizes and configurations. The natural beauty of coral makes it a great choice for exterior walls, interior walls and wall veneers. While many people associate coral with pool decks, it is being used for stylish walls on an increasingly regular basis. Furthermore, these attractive walls aren't only found in places like south Florida any more. People around the world are beginning to embrace the endless possibilities of this gorgeous and versatile stone. Learn more about the many options that are available for these stone panels below.

Rustic Walls for the Home

You can't deny the eye-catching allure of a well-designed coral stone wall. These walls are designed out of pieces of stone that are not cut into uniform shapes and sizes. They are pieced together to create an elegant, eclectic and attractive look. By having this type of wall installed inside your home, you can instantly give it a dramatic new appearance. These walls also work wonderfully on the exterior of the home too. They make great fences as well, and they breathe new life into any outdoor landscaping layout.

Saw-Cut Quarry Tiles

Quarry stone for wall designs is becoming increasingly popular as well. You can take your pick from many lovely designs, configurations and styles. When coral stone is used for a wall, it imbues it with undeniable charm and appeal. It's easy to add a great deal of visual interest to a room by using these saw-cut, filled and honed panels. They work well on interior and exterior parts of the home. If you think that they are too expensive, think again. In reality, they are remarkably affordable. By giving them a try now, you can be among the very first in your area to upgrade your home in this unique and attractive way.

Split-Face Stone Panels

An even more affordable way to bring the beauty of coral to your home is by using split-face stone for wall designs inside your home. This is one of the hottest new trends in interior design. One reason for its skyrocketing popularity is that it is wonderfully affordable. Another reason is that it's easy to use. These stone panels are popularly sold in two-inch-thick pieces. As a result, they can easily be used to bolster the appearance of a room without a great deal of effort. If you're ready to dramatically improve the interior decor of your home, split-face panels are excellent options to consider.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glass Tile and Coral Stone

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to designing a pool deck. These days, you can take your pick from a wide array of gorgeous materials to achieve results that are truly unique and stunning. Like many people, you may already be aware of the benefits of coral stone for pool decks. Whether you already have coral stone installed on your deck, or if you're thinking about having it installed, there's another option that you should think about as well: glass tile. When used in conjunction with coral stone, glass tiles can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your pool deck.

Enhance Decks Made Out of Coral Stones

There's no denying the aesthetic appeal of coral stones. They also provide many practical benefits. They are cool to the touch, even on very sunny days. They don't become slippery when wet, which makes for a much safer pool deck. They're also naturally gorgeous, which makes it a snap to achieve amazing results. As wonderful as coral stones can be, however, you may feel like something is missing. If you'd like to achieve a more ornate and visually interesting look, you might want to consider adding glass tiles into the mix.

A Versatile Pool Tile

Glass tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. It's easy to mix and match different options to achieve one-of-a-kind results. You'll love the way in which the rich, striking colors of a glass tile contrast with the chic, edgy design of coral stones. When it comes to pool tile, glass is a remarkably useful option. Unlike in the past, you can choose from a wide range of different styles and designs. Whether you stick with a single color or opt for a combination of different hues, you're sure to love the end result.

Mix and Match

You don't have to stick with a single color when choosing glass tiles. Many people decide on a color scheme and select their tiles accordingly. The tiles can then be artfully arranged in an endless array of different patterns. If you're not sure about how to proceed with these types of tiles, a pool deck designer can help. However, you really can't go wrong with a combination of coral stones and glass tiles. No matter what colors or finishes you choose, you're bound to end up with a pool deck that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Combine Several Great Features

As mentioned above, there are many practical benefits to using coral stones in the layout and design of a pool deck. They're also naturally beautiful, but you can enhance their beauty even more by giving glass tile a try. Glass tiles are remarkably affordable. They are also extremely durable. Once you have had them installed, you can expect them to last for a very long time. Visitors won't believe their eyes when they see your stunning pool and pool deck. You'll find yourself spending long periods of time by the pool simply to enjoy its lovely appearance.