Gold Coral Stone

Gold Coral Stone

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CoralStone USA is a premier producer of quality coral stone pavers, tiles and slabs for high-end residential and commercial properties across the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. We import all of our natural coral fossils from the best quarries in the Dominican Republic. Our extensive product range comprises of a stunning collection of red, gold and white coral stones. 

Enhance Your Indoor And Outdoor Décor With One-Of-A-Kind Coral Stones

The natural beauty and rich texture of coralina keystone products can enhance any type of décor. With exquisite fossil patterns and a variety of gorgeous neutral hues, coral stones can be the perfect choice for luxury pools, pavements, patios and more. From pool decks to columns and fountains to moldings, coral stones can add a refined sense of luxury and style, all at the same time. Whether your theme is contemporary or traditional, bohemian or classic, adding a dash of the highly versatile coralina keystone can help you make the perfect statement.

Create The Ultimate Deck With High-Quality Coral Surfaces For Your Luxury Pools

Beyond the immense aesthetic value and mesmerizing appeal, coral stones can be perfect in luxury pools. Easy to craft and customize, they are highly favored by architects, craftsmen, interior designers and builders. With their naturally flowing patterns and unique textures, coral surfaces can blend into your décor seamlessly and effortlessly.

Coral pavements and decks offer a long-term solution, one that is low maintenance and extremely durable. Derived from fossilized stone reserves, coral can withstand the rigors of weather and nature. Slippery surfaces can be a major hazard around pools. Coral pool decks offer a slip-resistant and skid-proof solution to pool owners. Coral pavements are also deemed to be perfect for salt-water pools due to their resilience to the various components of salt. Walking barefoot on a coral deck can be an enjoyable experience, even on the hottest of days, due to their low level of heat retention.

Make A Statement With Nothing But The Best

If you are envisioning gorgeous tiles that can transform the visual appeal of your outdoor or indoor spaces, coral stones can be the perfect answer. CoralStone USA specializes in high-quality and authentic coral stones for tiles, veneers, slabs, columns, copings, pavers and so much more. Our coral products can be the ideal solution for all your decorating needs. Contact us today, and we would love to help you with your individual requirements.